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CFL Campaign

How do you tout the environmental benefits of a product containing mercury? Separate fact from fiction. Demonstrate the product's versatility. Open people's eyes to a product's untapped potential and help them to see it in a new light. That was the challenge GE presented. This campaign was the tip of the iceberg in an ongoing effort to make lighting relevant.

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ENERGY STAR Change a Light Campaign

The goal of the ENERGY STAR Change a Light, Change the World bus tour was to tell an energy conservation story in an exciting and interactive way. When presented with the project, our goal was to make sure the story reached as many people as possible. So, we aligned our event with the Halloween celebration at Navy Pier in Chicago and integrated a fun, spooky theme to attract visitors. The result? Thousands of pledges to switch to energy-efficient lighting. And, we just might have made a small difference in the world.

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GE Project Plant-a-Bulb Campaign

Making the switch to energy-efficient lighting is an easy way to reduce energy use. Our task was to encourage people to take this step on Earth Day - the one day everybody and their brother is trying to express their commitment to environmental stewardship. In one year alone with minimal budget, we we're able to get 200,000+ people to watch a video to plant a flower bulb for Earth day. And, 800+ schools and 500+ retailers nationwide were involved in the initiative.

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Lighting Legislation Campaign

Beginning in 2012, federal legislation means energy-wasting light bulbs are phasing out. GE wanted to spread the word and highlight the many energy-efficient option it brings to the table. The challenge was to avoid the assumption that GE was somehow responsible for the legislation - a kill-the-messenger effect. This campaign worked to emphasize GE's thought leadership in the lighting category. And, it helped people understand the many benefits of simply changing a light bulb to reduce energy use.

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What's Your Lighting Style? Campaign

When GE asked us to make lighting relevant, we responded with a concept that transformed lighting into an integral part of a personal style statement. The trick was to get people to see lighting in a different way, as a critical part of interior design. Putting lighting in league with paint, carpet, furniture and decorative accessories takes a concerted educational effort - how-to videos, a 3D interactive website, an iPhone app, books, brochures and a robust social media presence have worked tirelessly to get design enthusiasts to factor lighting into the décor equation.

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Small Business CFL Campaign

Sam's Club and GE wanted to communicate to small business owners the money that they could save by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs in the office. We created an interactive tool to educate the audience that included a savings calculator, a step-by-step bulb audit, and finally, a shopping list. The program was so successful that multiple versions were produced for various B2B audience segments.

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Energy Smart LEDs

GE wanted a video that raised awarenss of its line of Energy Smart® LED accent bulbs. We wanted to illustrate to consumers the LEDs' unique offering: warm, white light that your accents would appreciate.

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